Who makes the Toshiba y67-lmp DLP lamps?

Toshiba doesn't make lamps for their DLP TVs! Philips is the original lamp manufacturer for your Toshiba y67-lmp Lamp. In rare instances, Osram may also be the original, but they still use a Philips lamp driver, or ballast, so it's best to replace with a Philips brand UHP lamp!

Toshiba y67-lmp replacement lamp Watch my demonstration!

How does the Toshiba y67-lmp DLP Lamp work?

  • Toshiba y67-lmp lamps are pre-charged with about 15,000 volts
  • There is no actual filament inside because it's a gas lamp
    (Hg - mercury vapor)
  • Toshiba DLP lamps will fail continuity test

How long do Toshiba DLP lamps usually last?

  • First Generation Toshiba lamps lasted from 2,000 to 3,000 hours or more.
  • Second Generation Toshiba lamps will last up to 8,000 hours.
  • Second Generation Toshiba lamps have better consistency.
  • All depending on your usage and the type of lamp you have.

What are the benefits of replacing the entire lamp unit (the lamp and the enclosure)?

  • Super quick installation.
  • Just pop the old one out, and the new one in.
  • Newer enclosures don't warp and are safer to re-use later.
  • The cost is now almost negligible. You'll spend only $20 more for a lamp inside the enclosure from Discount-Merchant.com.

How easy is it to replace just the lamp?

It can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on your personal dexterity with a screw driver, but replacing a lamp yourself is very straight forward. I can do it in 5 minutes!

Whether you have a Samsung, RCA, or Mitsubishi, swapping out the lamp is very easy. The ballast wires don't even have to go in any particular order because most DLP's use AC (alternating current, for those tech-savvy people).

Where do I purchase the lamps?

Toshiba y67-lmp, sometimes written as Y67LMP can be purchased from many places such as Discount-Merchant.com, which sells bulb-only and lamps with enclosures for various TV models. I highly recommend them because they are one of the largest parts distributors in the United States with a very loyal customer base. Any company can sell you lamps, but Discount-Merchant.com also provides free technical support and same day shipping--just read their reviews online!

What TV Models are compatible with the Toshiba y67-lmp lamp?

These are the compatible TV models for this part number, you can click on the TV model number to access the owners manual

NOTE: You're not always going to be able to see the part numbers and you shouldn't worry about them. The complete cage part number is what matters and this is usually on the lamp housing and on the right side of your TV. It looks like:

Toshiba y67-lmp lamp enclosure sticker

Symptoms of a bad lamp:

  • If you hear audio, but have no picture
  • If you hear a ballast click, but the lamp doesn't ignite
  • If you can't see the lamp light up in the back of the TV
  • If you have blinking lamp indicator lights
  • Visual indication that the lamp is blown
  • Dim picture after years of use

Symptoms of another part malfunctioning:

  • Consistent or inconsistent clicking from the ballast
  • Screeching or winding sounds from the color wheel
  • No picture, no audio (possible power supply or ballast)
  • Blurry picture, or truncated picture (DMD or light tunnel)
  • No blinking lights, or different blinking lights
  • Spots or blobs on the screen (prevalent in LCD projection)

How do I take my enclosure out of my TV?

Toshiba y67-lmp lamp door
Unplug your TV set first and locate the lamp door.
Toshiba y67-lmp removing screws
1. Remove the screws securing the enclosure door.

Toshiba y67-lmp removing the door
2. Once removing the screws, remove the lamp door.
Toshiba y67-lmp locating the lamp
3. Inside your TV set you're going to see a plastic/metal case.

Toshiba y67-lmp taking it out
4. Gently pull the enclosure out.
Toshiba y67-lmp getting new lamp
5. Prepare your new enclosure to be installed.

Toshiba y67-lmp putting it back
6. Slide in the new enclosure.
Toshiba y67-lmp securing the lamp
7. Make sure you put the lamp correctly, you should feel a click at the end.

Toshiba y67-lmp closing door
8. Put the enclosure door back in its place.
Toshiba y67-lmp lamp panel
9. Put the screws that secure the door and that´s it. We're finished.

Toshiba y67-lmp lamp Click here to watch the video guide!

What do I need to replace my lamp?

What you'll need:

  1. Phillips screwdriver
  2. New DLP Lamp (You can buy it from Discount-Merchant.com)
  3. Gloves are recommended

Note: You should handle the bulb with gloves or a lint-free cloth. Oils from your fingers can damage the bulb!

This is what happens when you touch the lamp with bare hands

1. Oils from your fingers get on the glass of the lamp.

2. When the lamp is on, the oils help heat up that particular spot on the lamp, called a hot spot.

3. That hot spot can shatter the glass on the lamp.

NOTE: The lamp can still be usable, but there will be a noticeable shadow in the picture.

Toshiba y67-lmp - what not to do

Toshiba y67-lmp Replacement Guide

Toshiba y67-lmp lamp
Toshiba y67-lmp lamp casing
Toshiba y67-lmp casing
1. Let´s start by turning up side down the lamp, you´ll notice that the cage is secured by some screws on the top.

Toshiba y67-lmp lamp screws
2. To extract them you´ll need a phillips screwdriver.
Toshiba y67-lmp holder
3. In the inside of the enclosure there are some screws securing the holder around the lamp, remove them.

Toshiba y67-lmp lamp side terminal
4. Uninstall the screw securing one of the cables to the side terminal of the lamp.
Toshiba y67-lmp lamp top terminal
5. Now with a pair of pliers take out the nut securing the second connector from the top terminal.

Toshiba y67-lmp lamp holder
6. Remove the holder around the lamp.
Toshiba y67-lmp lamp replacement
7. Take out the lamp from the enclosure.

Toshiba y67-lmp lamps old and new
8. Ready your new lamp to install it.
Toshiba y67-lmp lamp enclosure
A. Place the new lamp inside the enclosure.

Toshiba y67-lmp lamp placing holder
B. Next, reinstall the holder in its place.
Toshiba y67-lmp lamp screwing holder
C. Secure it with the screws around it.

Toshiba y67-lmp lamp cables
D. Insert the screw that conjoins the side terminal of the lamp with one of the cables.
Toshiba y67-lmp lamp screwing cables
E. Install the nut on the top terminal to connect the cable with the top terminal.

Toshiba y67-lmp lamp cover
F. Now return the metal top to its original place and install the screws back on.
Toshiba y67-lmp replacement lamp enclosure
G. And you´re all finished replacing your lamp.

Toshiba y67-lmp lamp Click here to watch the video guide!

Sound problems

• Check the antenna/cable connections (see Chapter 2).
• The station may have broadcast difficulties. Try another channel.
• The sound may be muted. Press VOLUME.
• If you hear no sound, try setting the MTS feature to STEREO mode.
• Make sure the SPEAKERS function in the AUDIO SETUP menu is set correctly.
• If you are not receiving a second audio program from a known SAP source, make sure the MTS feature is set to SAP mode.
• If you hear audio that seems “incorrect” for the program you are watching (such as music or a foreign language), the SAP mode may be on. Set the MTS feature to STEREO mode.
• When using an external audio amplifier, if you connect the amplifier to the VAR. AUDIO OUT jacks, the volume of the TV and amplifier must be set above 0 or you will not hear any sound.

Channel tuning problems

• Make sure the remote control is set to the correct device mode.
• The channel may have been erased from the channel memory by the CHANNEL ADD/DELETE feature. Add the channel to the channel memory.
• The channel may be blocked by the CHANNELS BLOCK feature. Unblock the channel.
• If you are unable to tune digital channels, check the antenna configuration. If you are still unable to tune digital channels, clear all channels from the channel list and reprogram channels into the channel memory.
• If you are still unable to tune digital channels, use the Restore Factory Defaults procedure as described.

Front Panel LED Indicators

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